Few words on my painting


 Painting is the art of transfiguring reality. A simple reality as soon as it enters the pictural space becomes ambiguous, fascinating and even disconcerting. Painting is not a matter of depicting reality but of interpreting it.

I got this deep conviction while painting. When I paint landscapes, I never look for realism. I let my inspiration and my sensitivity guide me because I think that what is coming from imagination is stronger and richer than reality itself. I could say my painting is a quest of the supernatural dimension of things.

My painting radiates a feeling of vast spaces and a cosmical atmoshpere that I have deliveratly looked for.I am satsified by one of my paintings only when it makes you dream and has a kind of strength. Mountains is one of my favorit themes.Its majesty and power fascinates me. Beyond is the sky with it stars and planets which are also a great source of inspration.

But no matter the chosen subject. Essential is to render the mystery that lies in the forms and the coulors... I will not tell you more, words cannot replace painting.

G. Marlaud

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